Combine multiple open source softwares.
Tweak it a bit
Voila! You've a 100 dollar software ready to be sold.

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    This is how it works 🤓
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    Which is one of the major reasons why OSS was forked from the libre license model, to create weaker restrictions on how the software can be used downstream, especially the freedom to use in proprietary products, sometimes even forking the original OSS project and extending it with proprietary features.

    If you want to avoid that, use a license like GPL (*not* including LGPL). IANAL or an expert in this matter, but I'm pretty sure GPL-licensed software is widely incompatible with almost any downstream situations involving proprietary software.
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    Is there a problem?
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    Only 100 dollar lol? Why even bother.
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    100$ for a custom software 🤐
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    @tokumei what's funny is that for server side code, like in a typical SaaS, any GPL code can be used and does not need to shared, so in effect it works just like MIT license or the other more permissive licenses. Only way to protect your code is AGPL it seems
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    @inaba the main reason i put this post is because devs taking there time out to contribute to OSS arent paid for it most of the time yet many companies make out money out of their hard work.
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    @dreadedghoul The last part of your sentence isn't really true since there's a lot of companies still manage to make money from their open source software be it directly or indirectly.

    And making money directly from the software isn't the only reason to have OSS. There are plenty of software that exists because someone needs it and uses it to make money.

    There's also OSS where you get access to the source code by paying for it, or the license requires you to pay for it at some point. (Unity and Unreal respectively for instance)
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