Hello World (so cheesy sorrynotsorry)

What music do you listen to while coding?

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    If happy,music from Jinjer, arch enemy, fit for rivals, capture the crown(💜)

    If angry, music from Against the current, elise trouw, galactic marvl.
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    to whatever I'm enjoying in general atm, which can range from rap over hitech to hardcore punk.

    But when I really wanna get into the tunnel, I listen to minimal techno e.g. Droplex.
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    @jonii I usually listen to old school hip-hop, but sometimes when the day gets to long I catch myself listening to every possible genre of music lol
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    The most brutal, nasty metal 🤘 or wonderful, sometimes calm classical music.

    Infant Annihilator, Drown In Sulphur, Vulvodynia, Gravemind, Aversions Crown, Avatar, Cannibal Grandpa AND SO ON...

    Calm and/or classical music:
    Fahrenhaidt, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, ...
    -- Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Bloodborne 🤔

    And sometimes I prefer silence... just nothing except mother nature's sounds 😂
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    Anime, touhou + circles and metal (mostly melodic death metal)
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    Rock and Roll or heavy metal works awesome for me!
    Relaxing musics make me fall asleep
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    Daft Punk (I hear multiple genre influences with their music)

    Classical Music- preferably wind instruments, sometimes strings

    Old School Hip Hop & Rap

    Today's Rap and R&B

    Very occasionally some spanish music or reggae

    50% of the time absolutely nothing

    (This does not reflect listening order)
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    Whatever is on Discover weekly, one of my random collections of music or Armin van bureen on YouTube.
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    Have 2000+ songs of almost all genres but mostly Alternative Rock and Bollywood.
    Start the day with shuffle and skip as needed.
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    Techno all the way, or something easier like deep house. No voice, helps a lot to focus!
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    Ambient stuff when concentrating properly (CryoChamber, Brian Eno, the works)
    Metal (usually symphonic) otherwise.
    Classical. And random stuff.
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    @alexm ahh yes true! I often listen to lofi hip-hop, maybe you'll like it !
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    Honestly I did not expect so many people to answer my question. I've been here for a few days so still a newbie! But this is awesome! Thanks guys
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    The most hard/brutal form of hardstyle: rawstyle.

    Some artists I particularly love: rejecta, d-sturb, malice, regain, radical redemption, killshot and quite some more :)
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    @alexm @AlissChang Lofi is pretty dope. It's like HipHop and Jazz had a baby
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    @Holyfield3000 i'll give 'Lofi' a try, I don't think I've ever tried
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    Depends on the mood. Usually punk/rock, sometimes ska or even singer songwriter stuff.
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    @Holyfield3000 yesss exactly !
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    I switch between 5 modes:

    metal (in Flames, light the torch, killswitch engage...)

    rock (danko Jones, foo fighters, red hot chilli peppers...)

    chillstep (chillstep playlist on Spotify)

    classic (the usual suspects and most of the time piano pieces)

    Some (realy not much) German rap (Kaptain Peng, Alligatoah)
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    Mostly rock (any kind, recently metal) or popstep like MISSIO and Grandson
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    Bossa nova, jazz, heavy metal (all subgenres)
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    when pissed off by management then some extreme metal, if want continuos flow then non vocal retrowave, melodic progressive radio on di.fm or lounge also on di.fm. when extra happy some synthwave (in line with revealing the secret from psyche or blue monday from new order)
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    progressive house all the way. i need my focus ^^
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    Rock /metal
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