Seriously? Isn't that pretty obvious from the context that slavery is no subject here?

But it is pretty ironic they merged that into master...

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    Jesus fucking christ, I saw a post about this on reddit, but it didn't mention that the fuckers actually merged the changes...
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    This is why people like to offend the easily offended as a form of trolling.

    They make it so fucking easy.
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    What the heck? Can anybody provide a summary of what happened?

    I guess some people got offended by words master and slave?
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    @HoloDreamer Read the sources mentioned in the corresponding ticket https://bugs.python.org/issue34605

    They just jumped the bandwagon of sjw's.
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    What the flying fuck... Specialist terms exist, man. Leave old software terms be
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    So, first Python no longer has a BDFL. Then this crap gets merged. This is the first of a never ending series of acquiescence to fabricated social demands. It will not end well.
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    @electrineer I am sorry for this repost. I somehow missed the original one.
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    @finiteAutomaton I've noticed it's very hard to find related rants even if you know they exist. Usually there are multiple small rants on the news instead of one main one. It's a weakness of this platform.
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    The following is for Redis:

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    @RanterPro funny that I posted that link yesterday to the thread I linked above you ;)
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    my favourite quote in this discussion...

    Author: Larry Hastings (larry)

    As a counter-example: A quick grep finds 555 occurrences of the word "kill" in CPython master. Everybody knows killing is bad and using the term might upset certain people. Yet I would not support expunging the word "kill" from Python.
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    @electrineer lol you're right! Internet is such a small place xD
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    While I think it's a pointless change I also think it affects our work in no way, and shouldn't really "trigger" us.
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    Truely amazing. I've literally never heard of it being called primary/replicant. Good job making searched for relevant information that much more difficult instead of, you know, keeping with the terminology that has been in place for fifty years. Fine, name it that in new code, but this is a ridiculous change that helps nobody.
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    @jschmold It's a very small group of people.

    The problem comes when we allow this small group of people to dictate how the majority should act and live.

    That's where I say hold the fuck up.
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