Memewhile at the UK ---> 😎😎😎

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    😂😂 this is gold
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    @Stuxnet there are tons of memes that are killing it rn
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    @AleCx04 I'm surprised there's not some generic ass school shooting joke or something fucking stupid like that already,. honestly lmao.
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    TBH I’m not even sure what’s worse... rolling back content/privacy rights (the EU has been so all over the place on this one) or trump rolling back 150 years worth of environmental regulations even on shit like asbestos and methane. It’s hard to even comprehend how many people died before we realized we needed those regulations. Sure, let’s just dump our used oil in the river. My official position on the matter is the environment is stupid.
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    This one is great too 😂
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    @segfault0xff I'm making that my laptop wallpaper.
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    Nah negroid, imma run my underground meme business on blockchain 😎
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    @Ellis I wasn't joking, I've actually made it my wallpaper.
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    @AleCx04 Yeah I bet the UK will be totally unaffected by EU internet regulations after Brexit, internet traffic hates crossing borders after all 😆
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    Fuck the EU.
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    @bittersweet lmao pretty much considering that it has more to do with restriced access rather than traffic. The content flows, it always flows, its the sanctions that make it seem like it ain't there. But i know u was just joking
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    @ganjaman i can picture someone with junkie speech patterns like

    "Aye man....i need my meme fix man......gimme some man"
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    @Stuxnet there always is someone that pulls that shit out. Luckily i would think that our community here is much more amicable than that and peeps here know that I have much love and respect for other nations.
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    @AleCx04 people take humor too seriously these days lol

    From what I could see during the world cup, there's a strong disliking of nationalism here, so I don't think too many would get butthurt enough to say something like that.
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    @Stuxnet true that. In the end most of these things are all in good fun.
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    @AleCx04 I have no regard for the perpetually butthurt
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    @Ellis loved your laptop? Which era it belongs to? Drooling over the keyboard :)
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    @ajit555 IBM Thinkpad X60s, 32-bit intel core duo at 1.6GHz, 1.5Gb RAM, and It's librebooted.

    I LIKE MY OLD SHIT. It also apparently was originally used in shanghai if the XP key on the bottom is anything to go by. I think it's 2006 tech but I can't remember.
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