Software Developer Interview Questions!

Hey friends, for my IT Careers class I have been assigned to interview a software developer. I was wondering if some people would be willing to answer the following questions. Thank you so much!

Title of position:
Company you work for:

1. What is a typical day at work like?
2. What are your hours like? Are you ever on call?
3. What are the best parts of your job?
4. Are there any downsides?
5. What influenced your decision to choose this career? Are you glad that you did?
6. What education did you need to get?
7. Do you specialize in certain languages or types of programs?
8. Do you work remotely or at the job site?
9. What is your pay like? Are you paid by the hour, or do you get a salary?
10. Was there ever a specific project you've worked on that was your favorite?
11. Does your job require any work outside of work hours?
12. What are the biggest obstacles you run into as a developer?
13. If you could change something about your job, would you? What would it be?
14. What are some tasks you must complete for your job?
15. Is there anything you wish you knew before starting your career?
16. Are there days that seem too repetitive?
17. Do you often have to learn new languages?
18. Have there been any big changes in your career since you first started?
19. How long have you worked as a developer?
20. Is there any advice you would give to college students looking to pursue a development career?
Any responses are appreciated! Thank you so much!

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    u have to understand that quality software engineers are too lazy to do everything including to be bothered to answer so many questions. this is why we like making the computer do the work for us
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    I might also add that since DevRant is anonymous, most people won't want to share the company they work for.
    That being said, I could make some time to answer those questions over the weekend, but I'd rather not have to type it all out on my phone. do you have an email address I could send stuff to?
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    1. Boring
    2. Boring, no
    3. When I am not at work, never (see no 11)
    4. Yes
    5. No idea, they wanted me without asking that. No
    6. Well educated
    7. Yes, english and excel
    8. In the cellar
    9. Very bad. What's a salary?
    10. Never
    11. Yes 24/7
    12. Firewalls
    13. Yes, quit!
    14. I don't work on tasks my duties are always epic(s)!
    15. Yes, that it is boring
    16. Every day
    17. Only once a day, but I learn only the strong words!
    18. Yes, from boring to more boring!
    19. Too long
    20. Don't get bored

    SCNR 😉
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    I would suggest that you open a google doc form where whoever wants to give you feedback, can do so
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    Name: Kyran Gostelow
    Title: Systems Administrator
    Company: SyRis Consulting
    1. Pretty annoying, I mostly deal with Windows server issues (setup) and there can be some shit that doesn't want to be solved.
    2. I am currently part time, I work two full (8 hour) days a week.
    3. When I finish a setup and am able to release whatever it is to my team.
    4. As per (1) it can be pretty stressful.
    5. I have always wanted to become Software Developer and still do. This is a stepping stone job and I trust that I will soon be able to proceed. I have wanted to become a Software Developer because it is something O excel at and enjoy doing. Solving problems is great and so is making software.
    6. I didn't even finish high school. (Not that I struggled, just didn't agree with it).
    7. Web (PHP) but still expanding my knowledge and will likely become more Java focused.
    8. A mix of both.
    9. As of current my pay is $25/hour.
    10. Not really.
    11. It depends on what you define work hours as. If there were a problem yes, I would have to stay up to 3AM need be.
    12. When I develop it is mostly motivation. If I get bored of a project I am likely to work slower &| stop working on it and find something else.
    13. I'd be a software dev.
    14. Server vertialisation & creation, resolving networking issues.
    15. Nothing that I can think of.
    16. Nope.
    17. -
    18. Not yet.
    19. -
    20. Just learn as much as you can and pursue what interests you, if you want to make a game make it, if you want to make a social network go ahead. Making things that you want to make are a great way to keep yourself invested and teach yourself things.
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    @CoffeeNcode Sure! Anyone can email if they'd prefer. My email is cheyennen1227@gmail.com
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    Here is a google form if anyone would be willing to fill it out:

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    1. Coffee, Coding, meetings, lunch, coding, headache from a bug or two, coffee, learning about a new platform, home

    2. 9-5 min-fri, always on call for my projects, down side to being a solo dev for my projects inside a company.

    3. No real deadlines - well most of the time, I usually get to set the schedule of things.😇

    4. See 2, always on call!

    5. Might as well get paid for doing something i generally enjoy.

    6. Im a high school drop out - so none

    7. LAMP Stack, but also doing Salesforce development

    8. Not during 9-5

    9. Salary

    10. ecommerce websites are ecommerce websites - ok some ecommerce websites have multi system integrations and a lot of background processors to keep them running smoothly.

    11. Integration Deployments are usually done outside of work hours, also I have some mundane tasks to run on a daily basis, unfortunately I can’t completely automate those.

    12. Being solo has its inherited problems. No one to discuss issues, Pair programming, ect.

    13. Hire another dev 😅

    14. Data synchronisation, project planing, design work, coding, documentation, bug triage, basically everything and anything.

    15. Not really. I’m self taught for the most part, and this is a field where institutional education only takes you so far.

    16. Yep

    17. All the time, being a multi stack dev means you can’t just stick to a couple of languages and always have to be learning new things.

    18. I went from basic websites to full stack developer - oh I’ve been doing this for over 10 years so don’t worry about the time schedule.

    19. See 18.

    20. Don’t stress.
    Even high school dropouts can go a long way in the Developer field. Always be open to other people’s insights and remember, coffee breaks solve problems more times out of 10 then sitting at the keyboard pulling your hair out, oh and don’t be afraid of breaking things, you’re going to do it one day, and it’s going to be glorious, just own your mistakes and move on to sorting it out.
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    done (submitted the form)
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    @CoffeeNcode thank you so much!
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    Are you actually a recruiter?
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