I don't like the use of `motherboard`.
We should change it to `parentboard` instead

That way its more inclusive

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    I feel discriminated ... why father's can't be boards ?
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    Scrapping the name motherboard sounds patriarchal
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    No, because of power dynamics we actually have to be biased towards motherboard you dirty republican! This is so simple, you have to not be biased unless it’s our way of being biased. 9/11 was an inside job and socialism has absolutely no problems whatsoever and I can’t understand why everybody hasn’t dropped democracy and done things my way, I’m obviously super smart after my first term at college.

    (For all of you socially inept like me this is severe sarcasm)
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    Parentboard is offensive to the orphanboards!
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    @Root might appreciate this
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    @arcadesdude but that has issues, too, so how about "personboard"?

    But I find that term offensive because people are vile, disgusting, creatures. So I propose "overboard" because it's a nice play on "overlord" (scratch that, "overperson") and shows just how much sarcasm I've stuffed into this.
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    Plot twist: it's actually made from mothers.
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    @Root I bet the "non-peopleboards" wouldn't like that very much and would go "overboard" much to the distress of the "underboards" who were midly affected but couldn't be bothered to care enough to reply. 🙃
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    I want everything starting with "mex", so everything is Mexican and every other country gets pissed.

    Regardless of their gender or sexual preference, that is inclusive right?
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    @mundo03 who doesn't love tacos? Lol!
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    I second personboard, because parentboard excludes those who don't want to or can't have children.
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    "I am offended by your opinion." 😂
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    @FrodoSwaggins remember when they were using Venezuela as a model for how we should do socialism in the US?

    .....now the masses are literally starving in Venezuela.
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    @arcadesdude and tacos love you!
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    @mjones44 It happens every time.

    "But that's not real socialism!" they cry. And then they find another "socialist worker's paradise" and point that out as a shining example... until it befalls the same fate as all of the rest throughout history. "But that's not real socialism!" they cry yet again, and so the cycle repeats -- ad nauseam.

    It's tiring and makes me hate humanity.
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    @mjones44 you know the US is to blame for how Venezuela is now, right?

    Maybe the US got jealous.
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    @stoeptegel Try again with fewer typos and better grammar.
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    @stoeptegel s/is the/in the/ ?

    It has been getting significantly better lately, no matter what the media has been screaming/crying/obsessing over.

    More jobs, higher pay, lower inflation, lower taxes, fewer regulations, ... . For the first time in my life, I can actually see the country improving, and it's shocking. I have no idea why so many people are having meltdowns, other than perhaps because the media is telling them to? People do so love being told what to think. It's sad.
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    @Root but.. but if a board feels to not be a person, but an Apache attack helicopter but wants to be a board as well ... stop discriminating ..
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    @mundo03 there is literally no evidence that the US is to blame for the state of Venezuela. Venezuela is the way it is because of socialism, not the US.
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    @Root yeah I love how there literally has never been an example of socialism that has not completely failed in the entirety of human history, and yet still, they think it's worth a shot. you know what that's called? insanity. repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result. unless you're writing JavaScript, then it's normal 😂
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    @mjones44 of course there is, just look up their agreements, same with any other latin american country.

    Vanezuela is just the new cuba.
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    @mundo03 so attempting to prevent human rights violations perpetrated by the Venezuelan government and attempting to stifle the production and smuggling of illegal drugs from Venezuela into the United States is what made Venezuela a socialist nightmare of a country? ........ I don't think so buddy. nice try though.
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    @mjones44 I think I found my new favorite person.
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    @Root glad I could provide some entertainment 🙏
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    @mjones44 no dude, that is just the public stuff. I am talking under the table stuff.

    Everything is managed by dome power circles, Venezuela refused some stuff, economy got blocked, everything went to shit, now the US says they are concerned acting like the international police again

    Look at all latinamerican revolutions and independences, it is the same recipe.

    The US has two fronts, 1 to please the public opinion, another to please the corporations. Look it up.
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    @mundo03 this whole reply is such a cop out lol it's basically the equivalent of "illuminati confirmed, look it up". the US didn't force Venezuela to nationalize the oil industry and impose price caps.
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    @mjones44 haha I know dude.

    But think about what you are saying, Venezuela acted against the US interests, so they got fucked up.

    You are saying it yourself.
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    @mundo03 "acted against US interests" okay, technically correct, but what did you expect them to do, just continue letting drugs be smuggled into the US and for humans to be subjugated to a cruel authoritarian power?
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    @mjones44 listen, I don't have all the answers, this is a very complex political-economic shit, and is not related to drugs or law.

    I am just saying the US likes to control little countries, when they try to use they own resourses and be independent they get fucked.

    Still, Venezulea did someshit, it went south too, even non US related. The US is just using the opportunity to fuck them up and profit.

    Really, look it up.
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    @mundo03 saying "look it up" is intellectually lazy, in my honest opinion.
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