Any web development project ideas by using WAMP stack?

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    There is not a single good thing i could name in wamp stack
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    Uninstalling Windows and Apache and installing Linux and Nginx should be a small project in and of itself
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    Yup, a blog teaching the LEMP stack
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    Drop the Windows part since you want to use PHP, no this isn’t an anti Windows thing.

    PHP “will” run on Windows, but there are enough differences between windows and Linux that it will drive you mad after a while.

    File system is one of the big ones, any file paths in your project need to be adjusted, and 95% of the internet will use Linux file paths.

    L: /var/www/html/
    W: c:\htdocs\public_html\

    As for a project, this stack is capable of anything with enough elbow grease.
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