The amount of willful ignorance about how “master/slave” might be offensive to some people is disheartening. Not surprising, but disheartening.

I thought it was suspect back in the 90s when I was configuring IDE hard drives.

There are loads of terms that express the exact same relational concept, that don’t have their roots in exploitative human relationships.

If you disagree, kindly fuck off. Your shitty attitude is why tech is predominantly white and male.

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    Sorry, but I think your attitude is more of a problem. Reading this rant makes me feel unwelcome to post why I don't agree with changing the terminology.

    I have no problem with people who disagree with me and having a reasonable discussion. I only have a problem with those who tell me to fuck off with my opinion.
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    @mordax both sides of the lane are telling the other side to fuck off 😂
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    @gblues I was asking you to not have offensive terms like "fuck off with your opinions". But I guess as a minority, my concerns are just fragility. Glad to see you really don't care and are a hypocrite.
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    Pythons are snakes that have been known to kill people. Can we rename Python to something nice and non-threatening like Earthworm...?
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    Also, I find the term "parent/child" to be offensive to orphans, and we must not tolerate that. It should be changed to something more inclusive.
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    Your white male privilege is showing.
    Stop mansplaining.
    As a non-binary pansexual vegan, I am shocked by your disgusting behaviour.
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    Am sorry, but I won't 'fuck off' and still lay down my opinion :
    1)i think its illogical. what's wrong with calling a chunk of lines "a master/slave"? And why are you/people making it such a big deal?
    it's a code, not a person being called with those words. My car is my slave , my phone is my slave , slave , slave , slave...
    Are you uncomfortable hearing this word now?

    Because its an English word, people will use it for its meaning. There should be a problem, only if i am using it for you(infact that still shouldn't be a problem then, am just using an English word, & not forcing u to act like my slave)

    And 'white and male'? Are you trying being funny? Just check your spambox, full of mails from Nigerian hackers. The topmost cryptographers are from asian african countries, india has the second highest no. Of devs and you still feel uncomfortable? I believe tech is a profession with least racism.And sexism? Almost every company is trying to maintain an gender equal ratio.
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    The world "slave" comes from "slav", because slavs were often forced into slavery in the Middle Ages.

    I'm slav and I don't feel offended, neither is any person I know.

    The only people who are offended by this, ironically, are white americans.

    So you can go ahead and get out of here.
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    The only people who feel offended are people who want to be offended. Yada Yada.
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    People who are racists or stupid in other ways will continue to be stupid regardless of some technological terminology.
    No one I know ever considered computer terminology to be demeaning towards other people.

    @mordax what you did... is just... lovely 😂
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    Our fragility? Your the one who is offended... Changing everything to suit your sjw lives... It's disgusting pushing your bullshit views down everyone else's necks so you feel less bullied by code. What the fuck is wrong with you to feel bullied by code? Master? Slave? Trying to be the former but you are definitely the latter
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    Yeah, fuck outta here. I'm not even white, so are my coworkers, and we're getting tired of SJW tripe.
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    This is devRant, a place where you can use harsh launguage to express your opinion. But if you are trying to attack other members of the community a lot of people might find it inappropirate.

    Attacking fucking retards from outside world is different than attacking people like you on the platform just because you have a different opinion.
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    Because I remeber the time where slavs used to rule the europe for a bit of time...
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    @Gregozor2121 When was that?
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    Why do people always see this topic in a American context, while slavery was historically a worldwide phenomenon, in which slaves were not exclusively people from (black) African descent... slavery has existed for over millennia, all kinds of people were forced into slavery. And were even being treated worse.
    Hell... empires were being build on slavery (eg, Roman Empire, Egyptian dynasties, eastern empires)
    Why is that not a topic for discussion?
    Why must we always see shit from an American context?

    This American arrogant and narcissism is fucking pissing me off every fucking time stuff like this gets mentioned...
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    @Gregozor2121 thanks! Gonna do some research, because I didn’t know (or remembered) that!
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    @gblues kindly fuck off, too, with your SJW bullshit.
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    I dont even know what to say here, except for "ugh".
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    Do you actually KNOW someone who got offended by it? Because in these cases it's always some people who think they are responsible and have authority on everyone else that decide that someone ELSE MIGHT be offended by something, so they act on the behalf of the hypothetical offended ones. I am white, male, straight, European, my nation has had slaves of its people in ancient times and Medieval times, and we have been enslaved for hundreds of years in recent history. I am not offended by the terminology at all. And I find no reason why. I also believe we can treat machine and code like slaves and abuse them in the most inhumane ways imaginable, also call them names all day long. Does that make any sense to you?
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    Firstly, if you tell me to fuck off on devRant if I have a different opinion than you, go fuck yourself.

    Then, this terminology is a very common thing in the tech scene and doesn't even come close to linking to something which has anything to do with HUMAN slavery.

    The brainfuck language: this could technically be offensive to people who are not interested in sex and people who are not the brightest as using the word brain in this context could technically refer to intelligence.
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    (gets the popcorn bag)🍿
    Gently rubs the top of the DNS servers, "it will be OK", ISC won't do anything crazy 🤣
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    These kids grew on serial ATA
    IDE is as foreign as RLL or setting the HD to type 17 😋
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    If you don't like the concepts of primary/secondary or master/slave, you're in the wrong profession.

    Also, you're a cunt
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    Are you also triggered by terms like "binary"?
    Or that certain coloured wires are called "black"?
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    Calling the other party ignorant? ✅
    Emotion instead of logic? ✅
    Entire argument is based on offense/minorities? ✅
    Disagreeing with you means we're (insults)? ✅
    Being sexist and racist? ✅
    Claiming you're "tolerant" in the same breath? ✖ (hey, you missed one!)

    Yep, SJW bullshit.
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    @Prutser Please stop seeing these SJWs as American. They hate our country. Being called American probably actually offends them, and being lumped with them certainly offends the rest of us.
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