Yet another funny bug for your iPhone friends. Oh Apple...

"The vulnerability can be exploited by loading an HTML page that uses specially crafted CSS code. The CSS code isn't very complex and tries to apply a CSS effect known as backdrop-filter to a series of nested page segments (DIVs)."


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    Crash is instant. It is actually hilarious.

    Btw, every software has bugs. Some are discovered sooner, some later, others never. An OS is extremely complex.
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    nice 📌
    sending to all my friends with ios now 🤣🤣🤣
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    Oh I'm gon a have so much fun at work tomorrow!
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    "On a side note, as one iOS developer told ZDNet, the vulnerability could be more widespread than previously thought. This is because Apple forces all browsers and HTML-capable apps listed on the App Store to use its WebKit rendering engine, meaning the issue will most likely crash any app that's capable of loading a web page."

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    I'm on an old android 4 samsung phone right now and the crash also works here xD..
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    @nauer Did it force you into a bootloop as well?
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    in apple store having fun restarting devices
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