Unfair situation -
iPhone prices shoots up while kidney prices remains same.

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    @-BSD you can't tell me what to do! I'll dereference it if I wan-
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    @-BSD I’ve already sold mine, now I’m looking for a cheap market to buy kidneys and resell at the higher price to profit for the new iPhone
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    Seems like an ideal situation when you are in need of a kidney! (And have an iPhone you can sell of course)
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    Sell 90% of your liver. It CAN grow back! Magic! Infinite cash!
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    The real problem is that the iPhone inflates the price of other phones as well...
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    You don’t have to buy it by selling “your” kidneys 😈
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    @-BSD my dad had one kidney...
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    Meanwhile i still have my kidneys and ordered the new iphone. Win win :-)
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    I've heard that God is releasing a new update soon, with such features like:
    Making the kidney wider and taller
    Prevention fron ckd
    And wayyyyy more cooler stuff:))

    But be fast cuz there are about 7.5 million kidneys on the earth...
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