Now that's called coincidence

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    no that's not coincidence. this has ben set up by ill you mint a tea hundreds years ago. Ill you mint a tea confirmed.
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    Coincidence? What's that?
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    @Kirito-kun Also - nice username.
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    @Kirito-kun I have no idea what you username means in German, but in Persian it literally means "a penis in ass"
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    @115105109 never heard that before XD it's the name of an anime protagonist.
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    Delete something, your memory is full!
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    @electrineer Turns out it's the apps. Not the count but how much space they take.

    Some apps just like to leave their garbage in your phone. I don't make apps, but I feel guilty that because of people like us there are storage issues. Compression is really not that hard to implement. I'm not talking about gzip, I mean just needing to store a variable that could have 3 options : On/Off/Auto or something like that. Most people will simply store it as a string instead of having 2 booleans.

    That's why I have to do factory resets from time to time. (Once a year or 2)
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    Hey both those rants are mine 😊
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