My biggest fear is once I start to learn another programming language is ill confuse it with the one I already know or have to unlearn habits that work well in my "native" language and it will be hard to go back. How do you guys do it?

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    Learning one makes it easier to learn another, provided you already know the main concepts of programming in general. I think everyone people gets tripped up with syntax being different on occasion. Personally I experience this going from a language that uses semicolons to one that doesn't, and vice versa.
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    @Paramite that is true about Python, as well as JavaScript but if it's a non-optional language you're not so lucky. I was referring to transitioning between C# and VB.
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    I switch between objective c and swift - very different and distinct syntaxes. Sometimes I trip up and use var but it's really not that bad
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    String answer = "Give it some time! Once you grow as a programmer and the multiple personality disorder kicks in, you'll be able to designate each language to a different persona"; /* Mr. Java Talking At The Moment */
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    I am most fluent in C, PHP and Perl, but recently started building an app by myself.

    That meant PHP, learning Swift, Angular, and dusting off some minor Java experience.

    I wont lie to you, I get mixed up sometimes.

    A good IDE to snap you back to reality, and TRYING not to work in both languages at the same time (essentially allows me to "switch gears" mentally) helps.
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    I wish I could double ++ you @Alwaysbusy
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    Just recap the coding standards when switching to another language and you shouldn't have any issues, it takes 2 minutes and it works for me, hope it will for you too.
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