This is a followup to my earlier RealTek networking rant.

After reviewing and researching all of the wlan adapter suggestions on that rant, as well as a few more, I settled on an Alfa AWUS036ACH usb3 wireless-ac adapter. Every Alfa I've ever owned has been amazing, so I happily bought it.

It arrived today, and I excitedly threw my existing RealTek garbage across the room, hooked up my fancy new toy, and... nothing.

Fearing it was doa, I ran `lsusb` to see if it was even showing up... and it was! but identifying itself as a RealTek device...?

All of my research showed it uses the Atheros9k chipset. It's advertised and praised as using the "famous Atheros AR9271 chipset" and the Ath9k drivers. Except this particular unit appears to use the RTL8821AU chipset, therefore requiring RealTek drivers. askfja;sldf.

I unhappily fetched the garbage from the dirty laundry where it landed, installed it, and began my research anew.

I found, among all of the wonderful promises of Ath9k bliss, a thread on the Kali forums corroborating the RealTek driver nonsense, and it explained how to get the RTL8821 drivers working with it. which is pretty much the very last thing I want to do.

If you've read any of my networking rants, well, they've all been about how totally awful RealTek linux drivers are, and that's pretty much common knowledge anyway. So I'm like extremely pissed off.


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    Here's a link to the aforementioend RealTek rant: https://devrant.com/rants/1753425/...

    Also: @Condor
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    Hmm, I only have the Alfa AWUS036H here so not sure how this AWUS036ACH needs to be set up. Which distribution are you using, and are you running the stock or a custom kernel? Usually it's just a matter of kernel drivers and sometimes also some userspace stuff.
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    @Condor Debian9, non-custom kernel.

    RealTek drivers are shit. I don't care if their other drivers are marginally better, I do not want to use them.

    I sent an email to Alfa asking about that specific device, and if it actually uses a RealTek chipset or not. In the event it does, I also asked for a list of their devices that use Ath9k and support wireless-ac so I could buy one of those instead.
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    @Root From the looks of it on the Gentoo Wiki (https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/...) that seems to be the case indeed. I haven't had much experience with Realtek other than the rt3070 (neat little chipset, very small but has pretty much every wireless mode available). The Kali tutorials should for the most part work in Debian though? I mean they both use apt, dpkg and such.
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    @rsync They were clear. It was just a lie. 😡
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    Oh shit. Back then with Ubuntu 7 I remember some shitfest twiddling to get Wifi work... But that this kind of problems still prevail?!
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