No caption needed😂❤️

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    Am sure this is fake .. Stack Overflow will kick your ass first so hard, then might give you a hug lol
  • 3
    @FahadAlt thats a bit misleading. i think it is true stackoverflow will hug you. unless he will hug you hard till it crushed and then fling it out to pieces
  • 2
    @wowotek am not sure stack overflow will hug me out of love or hate lol
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    Stack overflow will hug you as long as you don't talk to it, the minute you say anything, that's when stack overflow with bitch slap the shit out of you
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    Sorry but in this case, stack overflow is the 3 guys.
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    @segfault0xff 😂😂😂💔
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    You can search, you might get answers, if you ask yourself, they shoryuken you.
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