> My company started posting things on LinkedIn. That's cool.
> My company started asking us to like and share said LinkedIn posts. Okay.
> Since I'm already on I decided to update my LinkedIn profile following some advice I've seen and including some key words. Coolio.
>> Now I keep getting recruiters wanting to be added to my network 🙄 not cool.
I've seen so many posts about recruiters being annoying on LinkedIn and never understood until now. I think I'm going to go back to having a crappy profile so these people don't find me

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    You just unintentionally increased your social professional power. Good job!
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    Never use your personal linked in account to pimp for your current company.
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    I don't mind recruiters on LinkedIn. Got my current job because of one. 😊
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    @pingShangri-La I don't think it's ethical for a company to ask it's employees to like/rate/review the company because the company's expectation is that a positive review should be given, and the employee cannot be free of that pressure or unaware of the employer's leverage. If you want to do it without having it requested of you, then go for it.
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    @monkeyboy couldn't agree more. Well put
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    I always get messages "Person A has added connection you may know"

    No, fekk of
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