Brace yourself NASA

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    Wait CSS can do web attacks!
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    Well technically it's not an attack, it's an experimental property that if you apply it to too many elements, it crashes
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    @FahadAlt not an attack. Its a bug in webkit, which renders web pages. It will probably be patched soon.
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    So in iOS when an app crashes the whole system goes down?
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    And what does the space travel org NASA have to do with that?
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    Oh the famous apple quality ❤️
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    This works on desktop Safari too BTW. Causes it to start hogging resources like a mofo until the PC becomes unresponsive. We learned this the hard way when I showed off the vulnerability to my boss...
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    Although maybe if you use some malfunctioning CSS “code” that can’t be handled by the phone it might work...
    It’s still weird thought
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    body {
    crash: true;
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