Popularity of programming languages according to the DRRDSI (DevRant Rubber Duck Selling Index):

1. JS
2. Java
3. Python
4. C#
5. PHP
6. C++
7. Ruby
8. SQL
9. Swift

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    too many web devs..
  • 44
    did.... did you.. just count from 1 ???? </joke>
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    You know you don't hear much from C# fans, but I gotta say it's a damned good language. I've been using it for almot two years now for work and I fucking hated it at first, but mainly because I had to use Windows and Visual Studio and the unpopped popcorn kernel that is Nuget. The language itself though is pretty fucking legit. I would probably be very happy using .NET Core on Linux in a future job.
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    @hashit So I am curious about your take on this: What ISN'T web dev? So in my current job I am a 'Web Developer' that develops full stack applications. in our engineering department, on the other hand, we have Software Engineers that do the much more important work of ... developing full stack applications. Obviously when you get down to hardware you are not doing web dev, and I am considering going towards robotics myself because it sounds more interesting than making interactive pixels, but what other dev roles would you say aren't web dev at least a litte?
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    @catadoxa i think i was referring to standalone web devs....devs who just make websites ... i do iot though
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    @hashit Haha I get because of JS at the top of the list? Fair enough JS is absolute shit.
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    @hashit if you care to remind yourself of how terrible JS is try winning this:

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    @catadoxa hahahaha..
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    Will they ever offer a Rust cape?
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    And this shows exactly why popularity and quality are not the same thing
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    I wish they had a language I really like.
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    @catadoxa I do OS, drivers, runtimes, bindings for compiler generated code, I'm pretty sure I'm not a single percent web dev ;)
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    I am basically web Dev. But as I do not work yet with Dev, what do you, guys, recommend to be easiest to get a job that pays well ( I have my rent, wife and a daughter)?

    I am only used to web, but I can learn other stuff. :)
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    Id buy a php duck just to smash the shit out of php
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    Still waiting for my LISP duck :(
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    Rust, Haskell, Go... 😔
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    Ducks should go for Go.
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    Even pgadmin is a spa now. Hail JS!
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    @catadoxa Ahahaha "unpopped popcorn kernel" :D (true tho)
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    @wowotek did..did you just close a tag you didn't open before?
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