Don't you just love it when this fucker jump scares you at 1 am!

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    Looks an excuse to get a new machine. The new ThinkPads are awesome.
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    Sounds like evening to me.. yeah, I wouldn't want a BSOD to intervene with me finishing a day behind a screen either :/
    (or if you're sleeping at that time.. seriously?)
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    @intromatt Rather, it looks like an excuse to get a decent operating system.
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    @Condor ohh LOL another idiotic Windows comment. Here is a cookie. These crashes are hardware related (or shitty drivers). This isn't the 90s anymore.

    I bet you run Linux and use Gimp and tell everyone about it before you cry yourself to sleep every night?
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    @intromatt I do run Linux, but I do not use GIMP (Pinta serves the purpose better here) and I certainly don't cry myself to sleep every night.. that'd be more of a thing that Windows invokes on the one host on which I'm running that.
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