Yep that's how I want to wake up, with a mini heart attack ...

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    Fun thing, this has already been cracked with pictures of faces 😆
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    They want to give people heart attacks so they die and can't complain about microsoft
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    Does that mean you would have to turn on your light so that the camera would catch your face? Or what if you got into a car accident? So many questions
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    Kiss your data goodbye
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    The date on your laptop seems very wrong.
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    @LynxMagnus lmao, it's not May 9th and not September 5th, you're right
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    @filthyranter Great Scott!!! This picture is from the future ;)
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    Microsoft, kiss my ass.
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    @linuxxx I'm going to put this blunt. What you said is absolute BS. Windows Hello uses dual cameras to measure depth of a face and is NOT easily fooled especially compared to Android.

    Next time I suggest that you think before you speak 🙄
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    @Telescuffle Hmm this is weird. I didn't just speak because I 'thought' this was already hacked but I actually saw quite some articles about this which I literlaly cannot find back right now.

    Edit: (not a comment edit but after searching some) I do have to retract part of my statement and partly not as well. It's not regular photo's but low resolution 3D images which can 'crack' windows' hello login proccess.
    Also someone noticed that after a few failed logins through the windows hello login thingy and then pressing the Notes key, they could access parts of the system as well. Still, I'd recommend KonBoot.

    Partly, sorry, my info was partly wrong. Other part, not sorry because it's quite easy to bypass the authentication mechanism anyways.
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    @Telescuffle Glad the good old KonBoot way still works though :P
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    @linuxxx @Telescuffle Source on the last comment: my own penetration tests.
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    1- if they don't advertise the ndw features, how people will know? Not everybody check the news.
    2- you're nlt obliged to use
    3- it's not a simple face scan, that's qjite more secure, depends on the camera, can be also iris scanner that ks much more accurate... They testes with twins
    4- windows hello works also with finger print readers
    5- samsung integrated a face scanner in si hacked in 1 day with a picture... And looks like apple will put one in next devices
    6- oh wait but doesn't matter if it's ms it must sucks, if it's another company is cool and revolutionary
    7- if you're concerned by security unplug your pc from electricity and Internet
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    @-c-- windows is a proper os and support encryption... By proper os do you mean the one that you could bypass the authentication process pressing 28 times backspace for 6 years before they fixed it?... The same os with dirty cow fixed after 9 years?
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    @Jop- how do you like it? It's so cool that you go away and lock the scren, you go back and it unlock. :)
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    @-c-- Well said
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    @-c-- no it don't force you to uptade, no it don't force you to restart, ypu just need to know how to read messages, what click and how tp configure it,by default it's setup for dumb users, because it's used from all type of users... Do you use any google service? Did you recompile your own Linux distro from the source code?

    What i hate of you linux nazi that you claim that you're using the only good os, and everybody must use it without know which software or programming language they need to work with ... The difference is that i don't care what you use, i don't judge... But for myself I love to use Windows (since 7)
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    @hexagon I wish linux and mac os will have 30% market share each, than will be fun
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    @dontbeevil Windows 10 does force you to update, you can only delay it for 35 days and I don't judge either, people should use what they want if they think it's best for them.
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    @dontbeevil It's okay the way it is now, most people should use OSX and Windows because they're best for the average user, but I tried developing in W10 and it was just a pain in the ass
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    Yes, it can force you to update. Yes you can turn that off but I know from second hand experience (was sitting next to a friend when he explicitly turned automatic updates off) that that doesn't always work out (hell it updated right in front of our fucking eyes while it was deffo set to off.). Also it updated his laptop from windows 7 to 10 over lunchbreak and literally all his files were gone. (no I am not making this up, I witnessed the whole fucking thing happen and helped him in trying to recover some files which didn't work out).

    As for the linux nazi part, I am going to rephrase that to OS nazi's*.

    Just my experiences/opinions, not meaning to personally attack anyone! @dontbeevil I still respect you :).
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    @hexagon what dod you try to develop for? Since I switched to. Net and visual studio I'd never go back :)
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    @dontbeevil I expected some angry comment back at me from you, well, that didn't happen 😅
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    @dontbeevil Machine Learning/Python right now, but I do it as a hobby, mainly I'm a chemistry student :)
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    @linuxxx Sorry I was so snappy, I just get sick of the windows negativity on this app at times. Each OS has there own benefits but I think people forget that windows is used by your average joe user and not by techys like us. I would also add the notification like this benefit standard users. I know people who still didn't know that window snapping was a thing till last week!

    I've actually been using windows hello for the last 2 years on my phone and it's not been fooled by anything I've tried yet. So I think for the average user its a quicker way to log in whilst still being secure.
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    @Telescuffle Thanks for the apology, appreciated! And as for biometric authentication, I am just highly against it. Yes, it provides a great level of uniqueness but there is one major obstacle: if you get hacked (fingerprint hijacked or whatsoever, it's been done before), you're fucked. You can change passwords easily but you can't change your biometrical features just like *click*! That worries me on quite some levels. And as for Windows, I'll keep my mouth shut because you know how I think about that operating system.
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    @linuxxx I get what your saying, but its not easy to hack all biometric security. I would guess finger print would be the easiest but I would guess that iris and 3d depth sensing face recognition would be harder. I could also argue many people write down passwords in books or are stored in digital files so are possibly easier to steal. Haha, I could guess by the name 😝 having used all 3 windows is better for what I do and I like the way Microsoft are now developing the OS. Though I always have a Linux VM 😝
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    @Jop- I'm not too sure what you mean. Mind elaborating? 🤔
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    @linuxxx we tried it at work with someone's Microsoft surface , we couldn't get in it how hard we tried
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    Not recommended if you are into boxing.
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    Wake up at 9:39pm?
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    @Condor so at the end of day you saved 10 seconds impressive... I prefer to spend some more seconds to boot windows and visual studio if at the end of working day I'm more productive
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    A wise man once said:

    "Fingerprint and Face Recognition are good for identification, not for authentication."

    Interestingly published at Microsoft:
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    @Jop- at least you could change it. Changing your face is quite expensive or really hurtful.

    The combination or two-factor is what makes the whole thing more secure.
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    @justwellbrock i guess that you're talking about the case that they bring you in front of the pc by force, or cut your head, or clone your head :)
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    Me: Let's go back to my windows for a bit.
    Windows: Kiss your password goodbye
    Me: uhmm... no.
    Windows: Say hello to a PIN
    Me: I have a thousand pins at my house. Maybe no.
    Windows: Kiss your password goodbye
    Me: I'm going back to my mac. **** This.
    Windows: Want to turn off Notifications from windows?
    Me: *throws pc out window*
    Me: take that. are you gonna come fix my *not broken* windows?
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    @MAConly a new user called maconly that make a up a story on windows... what a surprise /s

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