* First anniversary of devRant unofficial for Windows 10 (UWP)!
* Let's celebrate by giving me 500 ++'s 😁

Exactly 1 year ago, on 18 May 2016, I released the first public version (v0.9.2.0 BETA) of my client for Windows 10 users.
I found this wonderful community a few days before, on 12 May 2016, thanks to an article on TNW.
The only flaw was the missing Windows 10 Mobile client for my Lumia 950, so I decided to create a simple one on my own that initially allowed you only to see the list of rants, without the ability interact with them.
A few days later, after spamming the app on twitter, I was reached by @dfox, a very kind person, who gave me all necessary tools and help to bring all official features to Windows 10 users.

A project that I created initially just for fun and necessity became the main project I'm working at in a very short time.

I received a lot of positive reviews from users that motivated me to improve and continue it.
It's true, Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile users are few, but they appreciate your work as no other and with a lot of feedbacks and suggestions help you to improve it making it very satisfying.

I would like to thank @dfox who made this possible, my friend @thmnmlst who helped me a lot with precious advices and created the presentation below, and of course the whole Windows 10 community! 😉

Good Ranting!

If you haven't tried it yet: https://microsoft.com/store/apps/...
For all updates follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/JakubSOfficial

The v2 is coming... sorry for the delay, below a little preview (alpha) to be forgiven. 😋

  • 1
    It's awesome!
  • 2
    180 lines of changelogs
    I bet it isnt just 'bug fixes and some improvements'
    Can you make the changelog like slack?
  • 9
    @CozyPlanes you can find the complete changelog in-app :P
  • 2
    @JS96 it is not fun! (nagging)
  • 2
    Congrats! Been using it daily almost since it was released! Also, that project neon transparency looks real good from what i can see 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • 13
    Bigger preview, the image was compressed too much.
  • 16
    Congrats and awesome job on the app! And thank you for bringing devRant to people who would have had trouble accessing it otherwise!

    Btw I didn't forget about your email - I'm on vacation and have limited internet access, will get back to you soon.
  • 1
    @JS96 looks really good. Just the right amount of transparency 👌🏻 will keep my eye on twitter for V2
  • 1
    Just downloaded it for my laptop, love it so far :D
  • 4
    "Let's celebrate by giving my 500++'s"
    You want a stressball, right?
  • 10
    @Skayo noo, why do you think that? :)
  • 1
    Using the app right now ;D
  • 2
    great work bro! Thank you
  • 8
    @dontbeevil With the help of all of you can become very short :D
  • 2
    @JS96 can it be ported to win8.1 mobile? I bet uwp doesnt work, right? If it does, please... MS isnt providing win10 updates to my nokia 1320...
  • 9
    @CozyPlanes unfortunately it will require too many changes, sorry.

    You can update to Windows 10 Mobile by changing registry values:
  • 2
    @JS96 WHAT???!!! A developer cant do that? Are you serious? Werent developers built to do stuffs people say to make? Damn it. (pun intended, lol)
    Well, i wont take the risk of editting the registry. It is the only windows phone i got from my us friend and winphone does not sell in korea. I will keep it forever... Until it works
  • 8
    @CozyPlanes 😂

    Anyway, that method seems to be secure, and you can also go back to WP 8.1. 😉
  • 2
    @JS96 I just want to keep all my memories when I become an adult. the times of using winphone 8.1 and some of them appearing in ebay selling in like $8000. lol
  • 1
    I'm using Android/Ubuntu most of the time but this is pretty cool. Here, have a ++!
  • 3
    @trogus seems like you have a competition! 😀

    You too surprise us with a version 2
  • 6
    @dontbeevil already on the to-do list 😉
  • 8
    Almost 300 ++. Thanks! 😁

    A new little preview of v2 (still alpha, UI will change a bit). Next one at 500 ++. 😏
  • 2
    @JS96 adding the cheeky swipes. Me likey 😜
  • 1
    @JS96 Dzięki! :D
  • 6
    @jschmold thanks! :)
  • 6
    @jschmold yep, it won't be #000000 in v2. ;)
  • 6
    @jschmold already done ;)
  • 1
    U worth it dude
  • 1
    @JS96 but #000000 saves battery on my Lumia amoled display 😉
  • 6
    @Telescuffle ok, then I will add it as separate theme ;)
  • 2
    @JS96 you sir, are a legend. People with amoled screens shall be very happy with this. Black and Ultra Black themes 😜
  • 2
    Great job on this, you do us Windows users proud ;).
  • 1
    count yourself a new download!!
  • 1
    that translucency is so hot ngl
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