So I've started my Python adventure and made an app that lets me know what's my next lesson in school. It shows lesson, subject and time.

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    @Haxk20 thanks. The app is logging into the website, because my school plan is different every week. It works very well tho and I’m really happy with my creation 😁
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    @Paramite I know, I did it already
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    I did something like that. Though instead I parsed the schedule visually, by first reading the HTML, doing a faux render, writing my own library for parsing it, parsed it visually, used some approximation to figure out wtf was going on, caching. The plan was to then be able to render the closest path to the next lesson in 3D.

    While doing this I crashed the server hosing the schedule three times.
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    @ScriptCoded well I don’t need it to be THAT extreme, because all my lessons are via internet in my home, but still - very cool

    Maybe I’ll make GPS navigation to my computer 😂
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    Simple and useful apps are a great way to start! Congrats!
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