Winner EVERY time?! This could be the best arcade machine for devs!

Found this at my local movie theater.

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    You and I both know "winner every time" is pure bullshit and that the machine is probably rigged to give the claw less power 2/5 of the time.
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    Omg where is this, I need some new ducks :O
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    It'd be suspicious if it'd work the first time. 😏
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    Q U A C K
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    Give me the plus code!
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    @Stuxnet for sure. They baited me enough to notice and take a picture. Didn't waste my money playing.

    Do you know how many done I could just get online for what one would need to pay to win.......Crap should have checked to see if that was built by EA. 🤣
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    Winner every time? That's a vending machine, not an arcade game.
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    @Stuxnet Except on the yellow panel they say "Play till you win"
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    @tyrogge but who has that kind of time
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    Now sue them for false advertising...
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    Don‘t try! This is definitely a trap for developers! Presumably using some kind of trap door!
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