I can understand, that you´ve never used a file versioning system.

But why the everloving fuck would you commit EVERYTHING BUT the files you have added or edited???
Don´t you have some common sense?
The hell is wrong with you?

(My thoughts after seeing the last commit of the new intern...)

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    You have interns using Git?
    I don’t trust interns to click a mouse properly, let alone get Git working.
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    In fairness, what seems like common sense to me or you isn't going to be for someone who's never heard of version control. Idk, but perhaps they thought that all they changed got added automatically, and they needed to add the rest of the relevant files to keep them in sync?
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    Instead of ranting, and even knowing he's a noob and an intern. Go help that person instead, and share your thoughts and knowledge. How else does he/she have to learn... wing it?
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    @C0D4 It´s still SVN. We are still in the process of migrating to Git.
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    @xewl @AlmondSauce
    What do you think I did ...

    That guy claims to have a master in IT and worked with .Net in other projects for more than 5 years.
    I expect more from someone like that.
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    @RadiatorTwo for the sake of argument, my statement still applies 😂
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    I also think that somebody who never worked with VCS might have some problems with it. But how is somebody with 5 years experience an intern?
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    Yeah, those people exist.. I don't consider myself even an average programmer, but I'm still a superhero compared to some // my common sense is tingeling!! :O xD
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    @Wolle Anyone who wants to work here, (doesn´t matter what job it is), has to do a small internship for at least two weeks.
    It´s just to get acquainted with him. Basically testing if he fits the team and also to check if he can actually do what he claims he can.
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