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Hey guys!
Im considerig switching to linux because:

My macbook does not support mojave and the new ones are expensive af.

Windows 10 is bloated and not a great user experience(removing stuff from the control panel and adding it to the very stripped down settings app, privacy etc..).

I love open source software

However i did not used linux for a long time, back then i used ubuntu and SUSE.

My considerations:
Debian - because .deb on them haters
OpenSUSE - because i used it in the past and it seemed very stable and fast
Arch - i heard from a lot of sources that it’s “da best”

My use case is game development and 3D modeling. I use gimp, blender vscode and unity (the game engine) at work i sometimes use autodesk stuff (motionbuilder, 3ds max) because of fbx.
For audio stuff i use audacity

So overall i’m looking for a distro that is fast, lightweight, i can develop on it (mostly 3D stuff) and occasionally play some games

Anyone has experience with the mentioned distros? What distro would you use for this?

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    Would recommend jumping into Ubuntu until you get into the swing of things then move to arch, but that's just my suggestion I give to most newly Linux converted.
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    I would recommend (X/K)Ubuntu if you want a daily driver / productive system. You can always use a VM with Arch to satisfy your curiosity.
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    While I love Arch and personally use it on most of my machines I would not recommend starting with it. Get xubuntu or something similar and learn using Linux there. Once you feel comfortable in the shell you can consider switching to Arch.
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    Arch is nice. Highly customizable system, but i ditched it, because it breaks on every other update. And I don't have the time to inform me every day before an update, if my system could break...

    So, now I use MX Linux. Great system so far. Based on Debian with some great custom tools and a nice out of the box experience.
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    If you've got time to learn what you need to learn and set up what you need to set up, Arch is so worthwhile. Otherwise, go Ubuntu/Debian/Mint (haven't used any in a while so recommendations may change -- research!)
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    @xzvf I've found it works horrible using FOSS GPU drivers, runs like butter if you install the proprietary ones
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