Went through a bunch of my comments lately coz fuck it, Sunday morning/Friday night, vodka in hand. After scrolling a bit, I've come to realise that many many people aren't here with us like they were before. So many empty tags. So many @ shaped holes in my heart.

I just want us - the entirely of DevRant as one - to stand still for a while, and wish the ones that left the very best of luck.

My heart will always be with you. Godspeed.

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    DevRants a not the same without them 😔
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    What who left and why?
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    @mundo03 a lot of people. Some where anoyed by the changing community, others dissagreed about the "no politics" rule. Others just simply said fuck it, my friends are leaving, so why should I stay? The last one to go, that I follow is Floydian (he'll keep the account, so his posts won't be deleted)
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    @Wack well that is the ultimate rant
    Also rage quit.
    Also very stupid
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