is this normal?

I work in a small startup, we have only 6 developers.
Recently some changes were announced that a developer was promoted as the engineering manager and the second one as a team leader.
This sounds good and promising but isn't this somehow early at this stage and scale?
Did you guys had similar experiences where you end up having 3 managers (like me in this case) in a small startup?

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    what is the job of a manager?
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    If the manager is the single point of contact for upper management and CEO etc and team leader single point of contact for team it makes sense that you don't have to get everybody together to discuss changes etc.
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    Thank you @seraphimsystems for your input.
    I agree with what you wrote but I was asking to take in consideration the number of developers in this small startup.
    I know that those guys will have additional responsibilites which means their work load will go to the remaining 4 developers.
    Before this promotion, it was possible to have discussion with those guys regarding implementation details for example, now this becomes impossible, they dismiss arguments or discussions and they go with their approaches.
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    @justDeployIt for the size of the team it doesn't matter, I've sometimes promoted someone to a nominal management role just to be able to have 1 person to blame and not 4

    If they are being dicks about it now? Well that's a whole separate issue... A 4 man team can work with 2 leaders and a 100 man team can work in a flat structure it depends on the team.

    I wish you luck

    But it's a little odd on a team this size to have 2.
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