So the lady that owns the coffee shop at the office park I work in, is as obsessed with coffee as I am, and very proud of her cappuccino making skills.
As a result of our discussions about coffee, when ever I come into the shop, she takes over from the barista to make my cappuccino personal to ensure that it's perfect.
That is a wonderful gesture, but the barista make a much better cappuccino than she does.
I don't want to hurt her feelings, what do I do?

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    Sounds like you need a disguise.
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    @Hubot-0x58 I'll take note of that for later
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    This moral dilemma is straight outta some hardcore RPG. I would use [Intimidate] but I'm also a fan of @electrineer disguise option.
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    Read "how to win friends and influence people" come up with the perfect compliment sandwich, use all the techniques from the hook but realize it's still really awkward. Find a different coffee shop...
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    Yeah. You're in trouble. Gulp (haha) the worse coffee and say nothing or just visit another coffee shop. Do not tell her at any circumstances.
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    Is it still good? Than swallow it and let her be happy. You can also tell her she don't have to do this. You really appreciate it, but you also feel a bit embarrassed in front of the other customers. They also deserve the service and good coffee of hers
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    Tell her that you care for the barista, and want the barista to get that few extra minutes, and then give her a tip as a thank you
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    I don't know what makes her cappuccino worse, but maybe you can start "personalizing" your order by saying extra froth or something like that? At least she already knows you're pretty passionate about coffee lol The key is maybe giving her your preference instead of critique? She might still get offended but nobody should tell you how you taste things hahaha
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    That's a really awkward situation to be in. Just reading about it made me nervous. But @SecondSystem and @JacksOnF1re offer good advice.
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    @csatacsirke so marry the barista and have them make the cappuccino home?
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    Taste is always subjetive, maybe her capuchino is better, maybe you are wrong.
    Or maybe she is, that is the beauty of subjectiveness
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    Next time you go to that place, greet the lady and say let's Barista make the cappuccino today, let's see how he/she is making it. Then first complement the lady saying her cappuccino is best, but barista's cappuccino is more of your taste. Key thing is you need to have a smile on your face while doing these.

    After that day you can directly tell her that you would like Barista's cappuccino. You can occasionally ask the lady to make cappuccino by saying let's taste the best cappuccino today.

    I hope this will help you.
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    @mundo03 Try considering that when he says "their cappuccino is better" he means "according to my subjective taste I think that their cappuccino tastes better", that's just how people speak. Sorry if I'm misinterpreting you and you legit just started thinking about this.
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    @ihatecomputers I am legit mocking the fact that you stated.
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    Thanks for all the feedback and ideas
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    @mundo03 Oh. But... uhh, that means I'm the one who is socially retarded :/


    Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
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    @ihatecomputers nah man, I love you
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