Why the fuck would you allow special characters in your passwords, when some of them are considered "potentially dangerous!" can't even login ffs!

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    Wait that's a production website? And you can see this page... I'm amazed how this website has not yet been hacked ... I wonder what other bad practices they made
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    @gitpush it's the Faculty of CS website, how ironic is that lol
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    @MEGADROID 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️
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    This error gives me flashbacks. Never touching Web Forms again in my life :d (I hope I didn't jinx it, 3 years clean now)
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    Because password validation, hashing and salting, who needs that, right?
    (I hope that this abomination of a "dev/admin" in the CS faculty gets shot in the head)
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    This error reminds me of an ex-coworker who insisted in saying that it's the responsibility of the user to insert safe input, no need to escape anything
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    Congratulations, you found a site that probably has SQL injection vulnerabilities.
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