Making an MVP is hard as hell. It's not even coding that makes it hard, it's knowing when to stop that's so damn difficult. By the time you're ready with something, your brain says "Hey...wouldnt it be great if you added this!" Then you add it, "whoa add this too!"...several days later:
Brain: "The fuck is this, all you needed was that"

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    yeah, and then there is the likability aspect not just functionality. so much work 😕
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    model view presenter???
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    So, we have this thing: we make a list with everything that "we could add". Then periodically we meet with a bunch of potential/future customers and ask, what they *do not* need the MVP to have to be actually worth paying something. At those meetings we make sure everyone understands that every feature added means time to market increased for the MVP. That process actually ensures all necessary features are there.
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    Most Valuable Phallus?
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    @PonySlaystation Most Valuable PUSSYY
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    @SukMikeHok @PonySlaystation minimum viable product.
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