If you are a freelance dev; how do you deal with clients that you don't want anymore?

For example: clients you have been working for a long time ago when your were younger/cheaper and knowing that they will never contact you again.

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    Increase your quotes both in time and money. If they are ok with it then your stuck with the client but at least they are paying well and you have more time to get the work done. So it's a win/win, if not, you lose the client which is also a win in regards to your question.
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    @hexc in my specific case, the client is only paying for hosting a website. Actually I don't want host his website anymore. Increasing time and quote is a good idea, but it will not work in this case I think.

    Do you have any suggestions in this case? Increasing the price for hosting is an option, but how can I justify the increase?
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    @unknown You work alone and your skill increase so increase you price for working hour, inflation, hiring more people, increase of power cost or just moral concerns due website being WordPress 😃
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    I just tell them I got a new full-time job at xxx and don't have the time anymore
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    @hexc yep yep! Raise your rates, and if they don't want to pay you, problem solved
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