Remote work sucks! Honestly almost everyone that doesn't work remotely thinks it'll be nice to work remotely. Though there are advantages like doing whatever the fuck you want to and working however the fuck you want to work. (only thing is you just can't attend meetings without a shirt on). But nope, it gets boring and lonely. When you lose motivation there's no one to fire you up. Burnouts will hit you more than it should if you work onsite. My first and second jobs are fully remote, and I'm sick and tired of this shit. Hopefully the third would be onsite.

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    The main problem is burnout and lack of motivations. However, they are just obstacles or the side effects of working remotely.

    Therefore, just find the solution of overcome it and you will enjoy working remotely.
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    @FahadAlt I disagree, I work remote.

    The only thing you need to avoid burnout is identify it and talk with people, request a meeting, feedback, anything.
    Talk yo your peers, talk to your boss.

    Remote work requires you to be insightfull, know how you feel, control yourself, know yourself.
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    @FahadAlt @mundo03 exactly. You need to be around people (especially at work) you work with to overcome a burnout.
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    @leksyib agree to disagree. Only you can overcome your burnout
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    I would like a mixed position. Like 2-4 days per month on site.
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    @Sefie that makes sense
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    I loved the sparse bit of remote work I managed to get. (Damn hiring managers act like you’re asking to fondle their teenage daughters if you dare ask to work from home.) I didn’t have to commute or put up with whatever random people my employer chose to force me to socialize with.

    And I don’t comprehend “lonely”. #misanthropyforthewin
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    It's you and your code. What else you need. ❤️
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