It's not like we needed this information board anyway, to help us monitor our servers, tickets and calendar.

Thats some microsoft quality!

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    Why would you use Windows for that anyways?

    Looks a bit overengeneered to me.
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    Because Mr. CEO thought it was a good idea. despite me and several others opting for mac or linux
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    @theMaintainer well, now you have a convincing argument for him to switch.
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    Why my Windows PC has no blue screens whatsoever? That's not entirely the windows fault.
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    @irene windows + vendor drivers + windows drivers + windows updates.

    An error in either of those components will cause a bsod since drivers operate in kernelspace.
    If you're lucky enough you have a pc with components which either have steady drivers and do not need updates or have really good vendors who release top quality code. Otherwise you'd also enjoy the blue sky on your screen 😀

    as for linux.. If linux has a fault in drivers it checks whether the faulty component is critical for the os. If not - kernel spits out an 'oops', possibly kills the module and goes on [probably more generic version of terminated driver takes over]. If the error is critical for os it will panick and halt the system. Just like bsods..

    I fucking love how faulty audio drivers have the power to make windoze unbootable...
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    If it's frontend, use windows. If you actually want to do something, use a UNIX derivative.
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    If you turn on Auto Restart and your monitor software is in Scheduled Tasks to start at boot, then you can move on with life.
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    Ima make this as a background image, so that the qr code ends up with a youtube rickroll video
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