Guy: dot net dev (C#) on windows. (desktop + server)
Team(not his team, he just happened to sit next to us): php/frontend devs and Linux (server) people.

Team: starting a new project! We'll have to see what framework to use and what server :D
Guy: i know it's none of my business...... but I'd recommend dot net and windows server!
Me: respectfully, that hardly makes sense, you know our skillset/field... i understand that it works for you but it doesn't really for us :).
Next to that we'd rather not use windows for security reasons.

It's fine if that happens once.

When it happened for the 1748472823'th time, I had a real hard time controlling myself.

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    I remember you mentioning a WanBLowS fanboi to be in your company earlier.. that guy by any chance? Also, fuck morons like that. Probably they've never even worked with something else before.. or think of the console as "old" and "obsolete" or something crazy like that.
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    @Condor Yeah I mentioned him quite some times before haha, not my current job, it was my last internship :)
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    He just want to join the team
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    Windows and Microsoft fanboy here
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    I recomend C#, but if you dont wanna use it... then just dont.
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    I recommend using dot net core on Linux😬
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    Research has shown that Linux user telling Windows user to use Linux is more common.
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    @sjw-brah I heard that myself although I've experienced the opposite.
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    Lol isn't it the general rule for everyone on the team to use the same stack?
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    Is dot net core on Linux a great experience or was that sarcasm?
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