I was reading about AI, and now I want to buy a self driving car, and set it free... We shouldn't cage up AI in a car, what if it wanted to be an apache helicopter?

Ow wait that's even more scary πŸ™ƒ

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    Well we should ask the Ai what it wants to be then cage it up?
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    What if ,it just wanted to date another AI and live happily...and not work for the hoomansπŸ™„
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    Or a nuclear missile xD
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    @BlizZard I know rite, maybe it wanted to be a painter
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    @karma First, you should ask the AI car how it identifies itself and what's its personal pronoun. Then you might be able to ask it if you can go into it. Also, don't forget to check your priviledges. πŸ˜‹
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