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    All of math is a punishment.
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    @Stuxnet It's maths. Fucking hell US!
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    @Cyanide Oh fuck off ffs.

    It's a fucking word that means the same damn thing as maths. It's one thing to bitch about the measurement system but Jesus Christ.

    (I'm just joking. Not being serious lol)
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    @Cyanide Yeah, fuck off. "Maths" doesn't even follow the conventions for clipping words. Math is the word Mathematics shortened. You don't keep the 's' when clipping. And just to preempt the most likely rebuttal, no Mathematics is not plural just because it has an 's' at the end.

    Really though, both are considered correct and it's pointless to call us out for it.
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    Y'all stupid its meth or meths as in methametixes
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    Is math related to science? - guess who
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