Branch Manager without actual credentials (just a manager no real business decisions are made by him).

- Constantly is sick
- at home a lot doing „home office“ and not being responsive in company chat or emails
- is in home office 3-4 days a week while company policy clearly states one day a week
- watches YouTube a lot at work and calls out other people when they check their emails or quickly order something on amazon or maybe just listen to a podcast at work
- is a scrum master but rarely acts like it as in softens up rules as he sees fit
- backstabs employees in front of ceo when he actually entrusts them beforehand and says he is definitely in the employees side
- actually tried to physically intimidate me and another employee
- has no real technological background but chimes in on technical discussions and thinks it’s a new round of bullshit bingo
- does personal errands during work and books the time for it as work time
- claims people cheat on their time management entries and gets them warned and fired for it, while doing the exact thing himself
- knows he is trusted by the ceo but actually takes 0 interest in the future of the company
- tirades and gossips about other employees that just aren’t around at that moment
- is sexist at times
- very untrustworthy
- is responsible for a very toxic environment around the office

So that are his attributes - he got me warned and sacked because I supposedly committed fraud with my time management and caused the company financial harm - I had no projects or todos and was keeping myself busy with learning JS and python stuff instead of sitting around waiting for a ticket to come around.

Needless to say I’m glad I don’t see that guy any more. I’d break his jaw if I’d have to see him again.

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    Please, if it's not too late, turn this rant into an r/prorevenge story.
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    You should copy paste this rant link to both ceo and glassdoor. That guy is not president of USA and he has a boss too. Eeryone has a boss in this world. Its ok to give feedback about anybody.
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    @wateringdisease this unfolded into a legal issue and the ceo definitely got an update about that guy. I really would tell the CEO to fire him on the spot and could even recommend a few people from the company to replace him, if I get the chance. I’m not keen on trying to get a hold of the CEO at the moment, as I do try to get over it and not be so angry about it anymore.

    My only tip really is: if you start to think you’re in a similar spot, do everything by the company rules and log every conversation with higher ups and create a personal asana or toggle account and keep track of your work and times. It might come in very very handy. Also think about a legal insurance so lawyer costs can’t explode
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