Nice a random neighbour has my new monitor and he seems to be there but does not open their door.


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    Call a SWAT team.
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    Swat his ass lmao

    "He's got a bomb and I heard a few kid screams earlier followed by a loud bang, kinda like a gun" should get the job done.
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    How he got your monitor?
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    @irene Postage probably left it at a neighbors house vs at his front door, is my guess.
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    @Stuxnet dafuq 😦 How could he do that? Isn't there a paper you must sign to get the shit?
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    @irene 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    not always. I've never had to sign for a package. Some require it, some don't.
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    Bloody hell.
    I would hate having to interact with a random neighbor just to get my mail. Also. What if they're thieves or simply don't like me? Package might as well have ended up in Nigeria.
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    Hack his ass and delete him off the face of the earth.
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    He might be masturbating.
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    If someone cares, i got it a few days ago (:

    @irene @Stuxnet the paper wasn't signed by the dude but it gets signed by the mail man. So the dude who held my package hostage was responsible for it.

    @Root well you don't have many options of leaving the parcel somewhere safe in urban areas, it's more or less the easiest solution besides a packet station
    But yeah.. i hate that, too :D
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    @nitwhiz would be better to get parcel yourself from the station
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