Great tweet 😌

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    "clever code is bad" ok
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    @ganjaman it is. Keep it simple, stupid
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    @host127001 gonna go ahead and guess you are a js/frontend dev aaaand im right
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    @ganjaman https://kyleshevlin.com/imho-avoid-... The fact that it is written by a frontend developer doesn't change the fact that code should be legible
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    @kangalioo yes it does. It really doesnt matter how shit your js code is because js is slow by default. If you write code for embedded systems, or you are the one writing a platform for all the shitass js developers to barf their code onto, then yes, every milisecond of performance matters and if you are seriously confused by true&&fun(), then you really need to revise everything youve learned
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    @ganjaman True - in embedded systems and the like it's often important to squeeze every bit of performance out of your code. The thing is that in almost all other kind of systems maintainability is more important.

    Because these other systems far outweigh the embedded systems, generally you should prefer maintainability over cleverness and optimal performance
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    @host127001 yeah, but a lot of ppl define their own kiss-usage. Some ppl say that streams are not clearly written and are not simple to read. Others say its ez pz, because otherwise there would be way more unnecessary loops and this would affect the readability. So..
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    @ganjaman mainly back end, but if I can use React + Redux then front end is fine
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