I gave lift to an old man. Starting the conversation
He: what do you do?
Me: I am a software engineer
He: Nice....... where do you get the material to build a software?
Me: mmmmm google or stackoverflow
He: maybe they are new in market, never heard of them

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    This sounds like it would be one of those dev jokes that we'd hear all the time, but I've actually never heard this one before.

    Bravo man, have a ++
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    @infernalempress 100% sounds like a stereotypical joke.

    This is what happens when you use "engineer." Everyone associates it with an engineer.
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    @Stuxnet yeah because self taught hipsters want to be associated with engineers who busted their asses in uni for 4-6 years. Its like taking credit for hard work.
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    @zemaitis Or they literally have engineer degree because they went to uni for 3.5 year since it's free in civilized countries and you spend most of the time drinking anyways.
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    @PAKA There are counries were education is for free? :O
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