I'm curious if there are other devs who also do some wireframing or designing. If you do, which tool(s) are you using for it?

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    A whiteboard to get the ideas flowing, once I have something remotely right, I’ll jump on invision and create a mock-up, if you have PSD’s or sketch files you can upload those too.

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    @C0D4 nice to hear about the whiteboard!

    I know Invisionapp.com from others, but I've only received some designs from other people. I'm a developer (with Linux) myself, so creating PSD or Sketch files isn't thay easy.

    I'm trying Figma (www.figma.com) now. It's very easy to use as a programmer and they have some nice features like phone mirroring.

    Edit: made link clickable.
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    @unknown I might look into that.
    As for the whiteboard, it’s been a great investment, wouldn’t go without one.
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    Balsamiq :)
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    Pen & paper .-.
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    I could recommend Adobe XD. Used it when I was a web designer
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    Mockflow, invision app, blasmiq
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