Flexbox.. Where have you been all these years?!

When I initially started learning web development I remember thinking 'someone didn't quite think this through..' about centering block elements etc in the dom. Those days are now over, I still believe in miracles.

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    we had to wait long enough didn't we? and now flexbox has great support...happy!
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    even with flexbox i think html and css is not thought through. at least for the next decade there should be a new standard.
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    When Grid gets browser support it's gonna get even better!!
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    @jackgreen do you use post css?
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    @heyheni nope. do you? does it have some sorta grid polyfill?
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    @jackgreen not yet because i'm doing newspaper adds latley, but in my next web project i'll give it a try. Yeah, post css is a platform for css processing so there are plenty of polyfills. Have look at the post css plugins http://postcss.parts under section grids
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