Some people here are so rude. Yesterday, this guy just shushed a few people twice, one of them being the boss's daughter and another a guy above him!

The other day, the boss's daughter was screaming with someone over the phone for almost an hour. She literally screams with everyone that disagrees with her but alright.

A couple of months ago this guy called because he wanted me to fix something, but I didn't know how to so I said I would ask my co-worker, but since he was busy it might take a while, so he screamed at me because he needed that fixed in the moment.

Also, everyone thinks our department should fix everything, even tho we are ALL programmers, except for one, but he has better things to do than log into your outlook account.

I hate half of the people here.

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    "Some people here are so rude".

    I thought this was a devrant rant when I read that first sentence. Time to move on maybe?
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    @AlmondSauce no, I was talking about where I work, people on devrant are fine
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    My way of thinking is as follows:
    If you are rude to me i can be rude to you, no matter the status, rank and other shit.

    I suggest to you to not worry about them. Ignore them unless your salary is at stake. But if your salary is constantly at stake... that job might not be for you.

    I saw too many people with mental problems because of their job...
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    @cantthinkofone I realised that when I read further :-) Still, I certainly wouldn't want to work in such an environment, and I'd advise anyone who did to at least have a look around elsewhere.
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    @Gregozor2121 I don't care who they scream at, as long as I'm not involved!
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    @AlmondSauce i would, but I can't quit this job right now because of my contract
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    @cantthinkofone Ah, that sucks. Then I'm onto my backup suggestion - noise cancelling headphones and relaxing music :-)
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    I don’t think I could work at a place where someone’s title is “boss’ daughter”. I’m too jaded for that level of company.
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    @bkwilliams it's not her title, she actually works. I just thought since she is his daughter people would respect her more and not tell her to be quiet like that guy did, guess not.
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