For the Atom users there (if there are any remaining 😬)

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    oh fuck yeah there still are fucking atom users. Yeah sure VS code is cool and all but i still kind of like Atom more. Very usefull.
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    I like atom over vscode, still use it every day :)
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    Sublime text, anyone?
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    @linuxxx Thats the way man !!!!!! Yeah sure VS code is open-source but still crappy microsoft
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    Vim/neovim (or maybe even oni, idk) anyone?
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    vim forever
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    @jeremyIglehart full stack developers "vim forever", what next
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    I love Atom but I wish it wasn't so goddamn sluggish.
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    I love the simplicity of these editors, and I enjoy typing in them much more than full IDEs, but I need typehinting for PHP and there are no good plugins that do typehinting really well for PHP besides PHPStorm which is almost perfect imo.

    Anyone have any suggestions on plugins?
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