I think I'm a dev.... sigh.

After I quit I didn't do it but out of all my interests and hobbies this one kept bugging me. So yeahhhhhh. I'm a dev.

Speaking of. Got bored and finally made a portfolio website. It's not great but people were asking for a link to my cV. So let me know what you think and I can get around to adjusting.



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    Not quite what I expected 😅
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    @C0D4 Well, at least you can't argue that it's not a peculiar portfolio.
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    @C0D4 omg omg omg. I sent them out already.

    Omg. Omg.
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    @Jilano it’s a Muslim baby name portfolio 😏

    @al-m DNS not updating or you’ve pressed update way to many times, there’s several A record ips and no NS records.
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    @C0D4 I just connected the dns from
    Namechesp to netflify. Idek what's happening. This is why I freelance. I hate deploying.
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    @al-m wait what - you sent them out for job applications and didn't even bother to test the live website in your browser?!
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    @Fast-Nop I DID. IT WAS FINE.
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    I wanna die. And the sad thing is. This version says more about me than my website does 😭😭
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    I have it loading now. I guess dns went screwy.

    You’ve included bootstrap but your not actually using bootstrap besides the “container-fluid” class.

    If you break your content into rows and cols instead of just a page full of p tags it will scale down to mobile very quickly and make more sense structurally and dont use the fixed widths, use the bootstrap grid.

    Also your app.css file is being included from your local directory path - I’m assuming a Linux pc, rather then /app.css relative to the domain not your computer.

    Otherwise it’s not to bad for a minimalist look 👍
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    @C0D4 it's working???

    Yayyyyy. I used the container among other things. Very few tho. It's weird but I mostly repurposed the react default launch CSS.

    The resume page is the only thing I can say is DONE
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    @al-m "Finna make this into my portfolio".
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    @al-m because of DNS caches. DNS changes can take a while to propagate through the internet.
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    @Fast-Nop so basically the reason in "Nigerian Internet"?
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    @al-m no, they can also take a while to get through to anywhere. Depends also on who is doing the DNS caching here. That can be Nigeria, or your local provider, or even your own router or PC.

    Some node in-between thinks that the DNS info it has is fresh enough not to bother with looking it up again.
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    @Fast-Nop good simple explanation
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    Well tbh, I would not hire you based on what I see here. In the future live test it on different sizes and devices before you sent it out.
    Also there are templates from bootstrap already that you can use and tweak for a portfolio.
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    @geordyvc well the website still has some problems left because it isn't responsive (wrong Bootstrap use?). I've resized the browser window so that it's about what you'd see on mobile, and the center column doesn't shrink. For mobile, the text should be left aligned because justified doesn't work with small screen size.

    Also, the font is too small. Use at least 100% (font size medium), especially for a portfolio job site. The people who decide about hiring are probably at least 40 years old and don't have 20/20 laser sight anymore.

    The blue text parts have too little background contrast (hard to read), and they shouldn't be blue in the first place because that suggests they are links, which they aren't. Don't use colour for emphasis.

    Spell checking should be done because typos in a job application are a small but unnecessary minus.

    The basics are in place, and it will become a nice "no bullshit" site, but there is still some work required to make it fit for a job application.
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    Thanks for all the good feedback guys. I'll update this weekend and let come back!
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    @Fast-Nop ive looked and really can’t never mind,.... i had a width of 700px on that instead of max width. all fixed.

    next up, typos.
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    Is circle y supposed to be in your portfolio? Doesn't seem to be a link
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    hiiiii fixed it and made some adjustments. can i get a bit more feedback?

    last one was sooo helpful
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    @al-m looks a bit nicer, I would choose more formal language if possible in your text but it's improved since the last one.

    Would also recommend you don't have the 'X' float the way it does on mobile views as I thought initially it was a button (or you could make it a clickable link and turn a bug into a feature). Though I don't know what an X would signify in this instance..
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    @SoulSkrix the pink x. Look up. It's my thing. I can make it an alert to explain? Or show rights and shit.
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    @al-m I'm aware it's your "thing", but only because I've seen everything else you make.. still doesn't make the floating x anyless confusing or weird on mobile. Just my 2 cents
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