What if I’m dumb as hell in reality and I don’t recognize it. I keep holding on to this false belief that I can learn programming, but going nowhere in reality. What if I don’t have any talent at all?

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    Try something that’s not iOS development, and don’t read about it prior just jump in and build something.

    Try desktop software, or cli based tool, build a website, write something in python that can do something useful for you .

    I’m building a rss reader at the moment that can handle authentication credentials and insecure SSL certs due to corporate proxies - I hate proxiesπŸ˜”

    Based on your other rants you’ve done a lot of theory but not a lot of doing, this is a field of 70% doing, 20% theory and 10% of “fuck this shit”, I think it’s time to start the doing and the fuck this shit part!
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    Build something you really want to build. If you can, you don't suck and you just have impostor syndrome. If you can't, you know what you need to learn
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    @C0D4 But I always feel not ready to make things. I feel that even if I made it work it will not be the right approach or optimal and it’s just bad.
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    @freeme if it works, it’s not wrong πŸ˜‰

    Don’t worry about optimal and best practise, your profile says noob not senior.
    Take the victory from having something work regardless of the mess your about to make πŸ˜€
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    @C0D4 even if it’s just putting pieces together without knowing how it works deeply under the hood?
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    @freeme at first, yes.

    Do you need to know how a car is built peice by peice in order to push the accelerator and steer it? - brakes are optional and you’ll learn about those when you need them.πŸ˜‚
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    @freeme yes. Theres no shame in writing a piece of code without understanding what it does. It's how we all start out. You're being way too hard on yourself.
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    Start small. Don't worry about projects. Import a library, and write small programs to play around with it. Do that an hour a day, and you will get good. Patience is also important. If you're getting frustrated don't give up, instead just step away from it and return to it a little later.
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    Best place to start is the standard library. Learn it. Own it. Push yourself but not too hard.
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    @Hubot-0x58 huh
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