Hi. i am a beginner in java programming and i'm looking up best resources and books for learning it.

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    You live in an age where we have information for any subject available at the press of a few buttons or a couple taps on a glass screen away from us. Use it your advantage.
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    Well... finding (free - (il)legal) books isn't difficult BUT using the right one is somehow... strange, weird. Different opinions, idiots and everything else... it's right that he should be able to search for books (1) but I think he's searching for a good beginner book (2).

    I know a German book "Java Intensivkurs In 14 Tagen lernen" but I don't think it's very helpful. Don't think there's an English edition.
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    @Irithyll "Best resources" was the part I was acknowledging.

    If you can't Google and find resources that YOU like, programming may not before you.

    It takes half an hour to Google and try websites or video tutorials or written tutorials to see if their style is for you or not.

    As for books... "title + PDF" isn't hard to do either. Saved $50 on a textbook with that Google search (which is good because I never used the book anyways).
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    Something like this
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    Why the fuck are there downvotes? It's tagged right and a legitimate question if you ask me.

    No clue myself but have an upvote!
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    @linuxxx Probably because it's a redundant question asked a thousand times that a simple Google search would answer.
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    @Stuxnet Well sure but I got most my resources through friends, not through search engines since I don't often get good results :)
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    Yes. Surely
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    Thinking in Java and Effective Java used to be my goto books back in the day. There's a new version of Effective Java out recently. Good luck.
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    @linuxxx I'm just being pedantic here but it's actually not a question, he's just stating what he's attempting to do ;)
    Either way, I upvoted him
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    @anudroid thanks my friend.
    Good luck you too.
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