Yall talking about how you hate notches, well fuck you. I have the best notch ever on my phone.

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    Markus Perssonality inquiries
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    The guy has FUCK YOU money now, can say anything he wants online, and literally no one can touch him for it. A man to aspire to.
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    Are you using Orbot and is that an Edge browser search widget ?
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    I couldn't help myself. I just had to.
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    @RedPolygon you're a mother fucking genius
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    @c3ypt1c I wish I were. I'm nothing compared to notch.
    I'm quite surprised I couldn't find any images like this, I'd have thought this would be more popular.
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    I wish Ihad that kind of money so I could

    1. camp all day every day, but not as a homeless person

    2. Make upsetting everyone my full time job instead of simply my favorite hobby.
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