My friend works for my favorite company Apple, his boss ranted Apple is about giving options.

I figured out some missing options in my iPhone X
Need to listen music: sorry can't plug in a headphone we removed that option 😉
Other phones have option to unlock through face or finger print (oops we removed one option)
No option to take a photo in 16:9 aspect ratio (4:3 only)
No option to change themes or layout to personalize your phone

Any positive thoughts on this option statement? If I missed some option examples 😅

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    The positive thought is to go and buy Android, Windows, or Jolla phone.
    We have many options my friend.
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    @Biggy Windows Phone you mean? Lol. Get over it already.
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    Apple can go eat a giant bowl of stinky dicks.
    They cant even make their laptop keyboards spill proof.
    Apple is a greedy cunt who couldn't care less about its customers.
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    When Jobs said "think different", he meant it. Cook is a bean counter with no vision. When he says "think different", he means "make it cheaper to produce and sell it at a higher price".
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    @irene It's not impossible, it just depends on the sensor and lense array.
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    @irene well yeah if the user wants a 16:9 photo, the software should just crop it already when previewing before taking the shot.
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    @irene one step extra, and that sucks if you have to do that for every photo. There was a time when Apple would work hard eliminate suck from its user interfaces.
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    @irene for wallpapers, and monitors often have 16:9.
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    @irene I thought your "impossible" was meant for photography in general.
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    @irene unreasonable !== impossible 😉
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    @irene I agree with you with the sensor cropping part even my Samsung galaxy devices takes picture in 4:3 but there are options upto 18.5:9 including 16:9
    In today's world it makes sense to take picture in wide-screen format(as all displays are wider/taller thus that black border with 4:3 ruins the experience).
    16:9 helps everywhere apart from Instagram feed. 😊
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