WTF Apple! That new name is longer than Empire State building! on the right how it was, on the left how it will be if I migrate to Swift 4.2 ...

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    Most verbose names ever. Unnecessarily so. 🧐
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    Oh boy... That is ugly :/
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    @irene Innovation, what do we know :P

    @0bl1v1on the list goes on :(

    @ilikeshred nope, that's innovation :P

    @crapped I regret upgrading tbh

    @vlatkozelka becauseItIsCoolerToHaveAVeryLongName(forDoingStuff stuff: Type)

    @jase Swift is filled with long names like this :\
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    @irene haha! Exactly 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    Apply function composition to burned area
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    @crapped because they used innovation to come up with Metal (if I'm not mistaken) as a replacement for OpenGL cuz ya know, its lame to use it on Apple products so Metal all the way, and I feel sorry for OpenGL devs
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    Lol, I'm all for declarative method names but this shit looks so confusing.

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    @musician iKnowThisIsSoConfusingAndIHateIt 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    @gitpush weAllHateItBecauseItsStupidAndTheresNoPointTo(this);
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