So, you may know this already...But fuck CNET once again! Don't get me wrong, even if I loved the auto-playing video ads I would still be angry af. The site loads with a decent layout at first, but then in a second it changes and all I get is a pile of shit broken because of some <sarcasm>really great</sarcasm> CSS.

P.S. Yeah, I know it's probably my ad blocker killing something that is vital for the site to keep it's shape, but I don't care about that at all. I'll never give it up. (Or let it down, for that matter)

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    Are you ever gonna run around and hurt it though?
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    @Codex404 Nope, but I do sometimes make it cry with badly written custom filters xD
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    @Dropkick500 Why should I ever do that to an extension that works so hard to keep my browsing comfortable?
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    @Dropkick500 All three of the classic ones actually (just in case) : UBlock Origin, AdBlockPlus and AdBlock
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    @mnxoid oh that's nasty, you're using 3x+ more RAM & CPU than you should for that
    Just stick with uBlock origin, it blocks everything and uses way less resources than the other two bloated ones. Trust me, your loading times will thank you.
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    @svgPhoenix I'll go with disabling them for a while just to see whether I'll feel the difference. Not sure if I'm going to give them up completely though.
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    uBlock Origin + uMatrix and/or NoScript
    Having both uMatrix and NoScript isn't that necessary and on mobile it's sometimes bit hard 😂

    I love the feature of uBlock to block specific elements on a site ♡
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    Hi Dpi?
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    @netikras Regular laptop screen, shouldn't have too big of a dpi... Console showed lots of errors because of blocked urls. It's strange actually that a css got into the list, but maybe there is something css-fishy going on the js side
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